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President Astrid S Tuminez

Welcome to Utah Valley University!

At BBIN宝盈平台官网 we encourage you to come as you are – there is a place for you here. You have a unique story, and your continued development of self, combined with the acquisition and implementation of knowledge, can put you on the path to success — academically, professionally, and personally.

As part of our mission ethos, we are champions of learning by doing. We call it engaged learning. This approach takes the best learning from textbooks, research, and class lectures and combines it with a myriad of opportunities for practical application. Since our founding, we have created connections that help our students expand their horizons and become better prepared to enrich society and the world around them. The world is dynamic, and we believe higher education should reflect that. 

Each BBIN宝盈平台官网 student, with her or his unique characteristics and background, is important to the whole of the university and plays a crucial role in the vibrancy of our community. I invite you to be actively engaged in your life as students, enjoying the many extracurricular activities and athletic offerings on our campus as you complete your degree. Be assured that the seriousness with which you pursue your studies will be richly complemented and supported by a comprehensive network of invested faculty, staff, and administrators. Together, these women and men will ensure that BBIN宝盈平台官网 is a place of exceptional care, exceptional accountability, and exceptional results.

I encourage you to explore the pages of BBIN宝盈平台官网’s course catalog. Our wide range of offerings in certificate programs and associate, bachelor, and graduate degrees reflects our approach to higher education. This integrated model of education, combining career and technical education alongside more traditional academic degree programs, produces first-rate scholars and practitioners in highly sought-after fields. No matter your background or interests, there is a place for you at BBIN宝盈平台官网. So, come as you are — bring your dreams.

Go Wolverines!


Best wishes,

  Astrid Tuminez

Dr. Astrid S. Tuminez

This issue of the Utah Valley University catalog contains information about the institution as currently approved by the governing boards.  The online version of the catalog will always contain the most current version of the catalog and therefore replaces and supersedes any hard copy version. This catalog is not to be considered a contract between Utah Valley University and any student, any other institution, or any other person or entity.  Utah Valley University reserves the right to change its role, policies, or course offerings at any time.  To the extent any contradictions exist between this catalog and Utah Valley University policies, the policies take precedence and control.  

Utah Valley University offers programs at its several campus sites, including the Orem Campus, the Provo Airport Campus, the West Campus, the North Valley Center, and the Wasatch Campus. The BBIN宝盈平台官网 semester class schedule designates at which campus site each class section is taught.