BBIN宝盈平台官网 Inclusion Vision & Values Statement

BBIN宝盈平台官网 is deeply committed to fostering educational environments that nurture intellectual curiosity around global citizenship and intercultural responsibilities. As an open enrollment institution, we recognize and acknowledge the potential of each individual by actively constructing and supporting campus-wide learning conditions characterized by respect, diversity, inclusion, and equity. We endeavor to cultivate healthier campus climates by intentionally shaping communities of care, advancing diverse systems of knowledge, and engaging innovative educational practices to promote critical worldviews towards transformative change.

The committees listed on this page work under the direction of the Chief Inclusion and Diversity Officer on BBIN宝盈平台官网’s 75 point Strategic Inclusion Plan. Their service to the university is what enables BBIN宝盈平台官网 to champion practices of equity at each level of university operations.


Expand Pathways and Educational Pipelines for Access and Student Success

BBIN宝盈平台官网 integrates educational opportunities appropriate to both community colleges and universities.


Increase the academic success of and support for historically underserved students and students with varying levels of academic preparation toward the successful completion of a certificate/degree.


Expand professional development opportunities among faculty and staff to enhance their knowledge, skill, and capacity relating to inclusion, diversity, and equity.


Academic Engagement and Intercultural Development

BBIN宝盈平台官网 provides accessible, equitable, and culturally diverse learning experiences and resources for students of all backgrounds, including those historically underrepresented in higher education.


Strengthen student intercultural competencies through curricular and co-curricular learning opportunities.


Assist colleges and departments in incorporating inclusive, equitable, and diverse practices by providing them with strategies, resources, and education.


Increase the staff’s intercultural competencies through enhanced programming and learning opportunities.


Support administrators and deans in demonstrating their personal and institutional commitment to inclusion, diversity, and equity.


Supportive Campus Environment for Increased Sense of Belonging

BBIN宝盈平台官网 fosters an inviting, safe, and supportive environment in which students, faculty, and staff can succeed.


Improve students’ and employees’ sense of belonging, visibility, personal safety, and our shared commitment to contribute to a supportive environment.


Strategically recruit, retain, develop, and advance underrepresented faculty, staff, and executives/administrators at all levels of the university to enrich university life.


Assessment, Accountability, Governance, and Institutional Commitments

BBIN宝盈平台官网 commits to creating and maintaining a supportive infrastructure for inclusion.


Enhance a culture of assessment and accountability for inclusivity at every level of the university.


Sustain institutional resources to support scholarship and practices to transform the landscape of inclusion, diversity, equity, and belonging at BBIN宝盈平台官网.

Administrative Imperatives

Assessment and Accountability

Improve assessments and accountability for inclusivity at every level of the university.

Budget and Fundraising

Create and sustain an institutional financial infrastructure that effectively supports inclusivity.