BBIN宝盈平台官网 proudly offers numerous campus resources for its students, especially for those who may come from historically underserved or underrepresented populations. On this page you will find a brief description of each of these resources and links to the various centers and initiatives we have on campus.


Accessibility Services

Accessibility Services offers important resources to students with disabilities, from deaf/hard of hearing services, speech-to-text/captioning, to assessment and other needs. They also map all campus buildings to guide students who may need elevators or specific needs. Their office can be found in room LC-312.

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Melisa Nellesen Center for Autism

The Melisa Nellesen Center for Autism is a ground breaking facility that seeks to help BBIN宝盈平台官网 and the surrounding community with their special health care needs. The facility draws from BBIN宝盈平台官网’s own Autism Studies and Special Education students, as well as University experts to help families make informed decisions about their children’s educational needs. In addition, the Center provides case management, after school and summer programs, and the Passages Program for those with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) between the ages of 17-30. The center is right off campus at 1000 West 800 South Orem, UT 84058 .

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Center for Global and Intercultural Engagement

The Center for Global & Intercultural Engagement provides leadership and support for international and multicultural studies and student services along with related co-curricular and extra-curricular programming. In addition, the Center is a resource for students, faculty, staff, and the community. It promotes the university's commitment to inclusion by providing high-quality academic and experiential opportunities, both abroad and at home. The Center is located at LA 114.

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Elder Quest

Elder Quest is an opportunity for senior citizens in the community to continue to be active in their education. By becoming a member of Elder Quest, individuals have access to two 10 week semesters with a wide range of classes. In addition, they hold monthly events and showcases of current events, literature, humanities, history, arts, and social sciences, often with special guest lecturers.

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Equal Opportunity & Affirmative Action

The Office for Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action is responsible for administering the University's Non-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment Policy and Complaint Procedures.

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I AM First

The I AM First program helps first-generation students (FGS) navigate the challenges of college life at a large university. The program offers monthly events, socials, and speakers on a variety of topics to help students find the ins and outs of campus life. In addition, there is a formal mentorship program and scholarship to help students with books and housing. There office can be found in LC 405.

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Food Pantry

In partnership with Community Action Services and Food Bank, the Center runs an on-campus food pantry available for students, faculty, and staff struggling with any type of food insecurity. They are located in SC 105.

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Health & Wellness Programs

BBIN宝盈平台官网’s Wellness Programs provide educational and comprehensive programs and services for student health and wellness. They focus their efforts on six dimensions of health and support: Physical, spiritual, social, nutritional, intellectual, and physical. Information of all the Wellness Programs can be found at SL 211.

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International Student Services

International Student Services (ISS) provides visa information, employment advice and academic advisement to the University’s international students. In addition, ISS offers an international student orientation each semester for new students and provides a wide array of support services designed to promote the academic success of international students. They also help international students with financial aid and other resources. They can be found in LA 114.

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Office of Global Engagement

The Office of Global Engagement assists faculty, students, and staff in developing and maintaining strong international and multicultural relationships. They have a variety of resources for students and faculty including study abroad programs, dual language immersion, annual Global Spotlights, and lecture series. They can be found in LA 111.

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LGBT Student Services

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Student Services is designed for students who are seeking LGBT-related services, support and opportunities for personal growth, safety and a sense of belonging. They provide mentorship for Spectrum: Queer Student Alliance, Safe Zone Training for students, faculty and staff, and classroom panels (InQueery) to help students across campus understand the experience of those in the LGBT community.

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Mother's Room

There are several dedicated private and comfortable spaces reserved for female students and employees who are nursing. There are rooms located in the Browning Administration Building, Library, Computer Science Buildings, and the Sorensen Student Center. For information on Mother’s Rooms see the link below:

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Multicultural Student Services

Multicultural Student Services facilitates student success by fostering and sustaining an inclusive campus community, where the dignity, worth, identities, and cultures of every individual are validated and respected. They encourage students to engage in a serious academic journey while cultivating a campus atmosphere conducive to safe learning and well-being. Multicultural Student services is home of the Latino, Pacific Islander, and Native American initiatives. They are located in LA 114.

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The Reflection Center

The Reflection center is a place for meditation, prayer, reflection, or other forms of individual religious expression including opportunities for interreligious dialogue, wellness education, and spiritual practice. The Reflection Center has three rooms available for interfaith dialogue, as well as meditation and prayer rooms for those of all faith traditions and worldviews. The Reflection Center can be found at SL 112a.

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Resilience Project

BBIN宝盈平台官网’s Resilience Project is a venue for students, alumni, faculty, and staff to share stories of strength, determination, and resilience in the face of hardship. Many of the stories explore the struggle to deal with death, loss of a loved one, illness, depression, financial hardship, marital difficulty and other challenges and shows how individuals have stayed persistent despite such challenges.

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Suicide Prevention & Awareness

Call for an appointment at BBIN宝盈平台官网 Student Health Services (801-863-8876, M-F 8am-5pm). If you are currently in a suicide crisis, notify the person answering the phone that this is an emergency for priority scheduling.

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Student Conduct & Conflict Resolution

These services provide students with academic expectations, the Student Code of Conduct, as well as ways to report sexual misconduct, discrimination, and unfair treatment. In addition, they also provide access to Ombuds who can help mediate challenging conversations with students and professors, staff, landlords, and other students. They can be found in SL 201b.

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Title IX and Sexual Misconduct

Students and employees at Utah Valley University have the right to work and learn in an academic environment that is free from all forms of sexual harassment or violence and misconduct. 

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Title IX 2017 Interim Guidelines

In providing an inviting, safe, and supportive learning and working environment, we remain fully committed to addressing sexual misconduct and to providing impartial investigations and adjudications.

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TRIO Student Support Services

TRIO Student Support Services (SSS) is a federally-funded program designed to support and encourage degree-seeking students who need academic assistance. 

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Veterans Services

The BBIN宝盈平台官网 Veteran Success Center is a dedicated center on campus for your university success.

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Wee Care Center

Wee Care Center provides quality child care on campus for the children of parents attending BBIN宝盈平台官网.

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