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Our mission is to facilitate the successful navigation of student veterans, service members, and their dependents from registration to graduation. We work closely with our students to assist them with their VA education benefits.

"Our goal is to provide personalized care to help students be successful in their college experience and beyond. The BBIN宝盈平台官网 Veteran Success Center also serves as a gathering place for our veterans and their families. When you're here, you're with family."

-Sheldon Holgreen


spring 2023 Deadline


Fall 2022 Deadline

December 9, 2022


Submit Your Class Schedule For
GI Bill, VR&E, or Dependent Benefits

July 22, 2022
(late requests accepted)

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Required Forms

View a list of the forms required to utilize your benefit.

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Find an explanation of your VA chapter benefit.

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Discover the aviation and aerospace degrees and career opportunities available while using a VA education benefit.

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Engage with the BBIN宝盈平台官网 military-connected community by attending our events.

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Donate to the Veteran Success Center Mission

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Discover resources at BBIN宝盈平台官网 and in the community to assist in meeting your individual needs.

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Work Study

Explore what is required for a work study position in the Veteran Success Center.

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About Us

Reach out for assistance with your questions.

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